At this moment the system is under test at my home

It is not available on-air




Echolink node number: 555022

Allstarlink node number: 50207




MHz: 433.600

Mode: FM, Simplex

CTCSS: 123.0


Radio: Yaesu FT-7900

Power Out: 5W

Antenna: Diamond X-7000

Interface: URI

PC: Dell WS380

OS: ASL - Linux Debian




Link to nodes list

Link to Allstar Google Map List

Link to status node

Link to Allstar Wiki

Link to EchoLink


DTMF function list:


*1  >> Link Disconnect Es: disconnect from node 2135: *12135 

*3  >> Link Connect Es:connect to node 2135:  *32135

*10 >> Disconnect from the last link you connected to

*70 >> System status


*33 >> Link Connect to EchoLink Es: connect to node 348273: *33348273


If the link number is less than 6 digits

Es: connect to node 1234: *33001234

Put the number zero to compose the 6 digits





HB90TTK special call for 90th anniversary of USKA

CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2019 by HB9ON Radio Club




 From 3 to 11 august 2020 I'm in Trentino on lake Molveno for my holidays with my family

Our hotel is above the lake of Molveno, about at 1350 meters above sea level

In the afternoon if the WX is good, I'm on air in FT8 / SSB / RTTY




Locator: JN56LD

ITU: 28

CQ zone: 15


My equipment:

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-857D

Interface: Micro Ham USB III

FT8 Software

Log software: log4om

Antenna: HY END FED, 40 20 10 Mt Portabel

Battery: two Yuasa 12V \ 12Ah


QSL card:

Direct - eQSL


I will update my log on QRZ / eQSL after holidays


I hope put many QSO in my log ! ! !

Best 73 Massimo IW2NOO


Our hotel:

















  • Kenwood TS 870S
  • Kenwood TS 830M
  • Icom IC-7851
  • Yaesu FT-1000MP
  • Yaesu FT-857D
  • Yaesu FT-817 ND

Measuring instruments:






Digital mode


  • Micro keyer II  Micro Ham
  • USB III  Micro Ham








Antenna Tuner


  • DU 3000T tuner HA8DU
  • Palstar AT AUTO


Power amplifier


  • OM2000HF OM Power
  • TL922 Kenwood
  • L.4B Drake
  • 2KD Henry Radio




Handset equipment:


  • Yaesu FT 2DE
  • Hytera DMR PD785 UHF


Antenna equipment:


  • Antenna: Mosley electronics TA-53-M 5 Band Beam - 20M;17M;15M;12M;10M - 3 elements
  • Antenna: Kelemen dipole 40M/80M
  • Antenna: Kelemen dipole 160M
  • Professional cable M&P Ultraflex 13 Messi & Paoloni
  • Professional cable M&P Hyperflex 10 Messi & Paoloni