At this moment the system is under test at my home

It is not available on-air




Echolink node number: 555022

Allstarlink node number: 50207




MHz: 433.600

Mode: FM, Simplex

CTCSS: 123.0


Radio: Yaesu FT-7900

Power Out: 5W

Antenna: Diamond X-7000

Interface: URI

PC: Dell WS380

OS: ASL - Linux Debian




Link to nodes list

Link to Allstar Google Map List

Link to status node

Link to Allstar Wiki

Link to EchoLink


DTMF function list:


*1  >> Link Disconnect Es: disconnect from node 2135: *12135 

*3  >> Link Connect Es:connect to node 2135:  *32135

*10 >> Disconnect from the last link you connected to

*70 >> System status


*33 >> Link Connect to EchoLink Es: connect to node 348273: *33348273


If the link number is less than 6 digits

Es: connect to node 1234: *33001234

Put the number zero to compose the 6 digits